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  • thank you for your wishes...Hare Krsna..May Lord Krishna bless you too!

  • Hare krsna!  Pranam mathaji!!  Thanks for your blessings!!. I am very new to this website. So I dont know, where u kept the prayers notes which I saw in your profile matha ji.  and in this website, there is no scrolling bar. So how to use it. Please guide me matha ji. And give me tips to be always in krsna consciousness.  hare krsna!!


  • Thank u for yr bet wishes. This is a very beautiful rendition of Mahamandra.Thank u for sharing it.

  • hare krishna , mataji, kindly pray for me to get the tinge of mercy of divine couple

  • pamho thak u very much mataji, hari bol .


  • Hari bol mataji... :-)

  • thank you mataji its really good to have someone as learned as you to bless me. hare krishna.

  • Hare Krishna. Pranam. Pls accept my very humble gratitude for all your unconditional wishes and prayers, that will keep me debted forever..

    As we know, the Devine power always protects those who prays well for others and with no doubt Lord Krishna will save you at your every steps, pouring his Supreeme Blissfulnss and Merciness upon you.

    May your days be filled extreeme devotion for the Divinity. Stay Smiled. Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot! Krishna always protects us! That's why we are living in the world!

    Hare Krishna! 

  • hare krishna

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