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  • hk dandavat pranam mataji,

    Thank you for your blessing mataji....

    your servant,


  • Thank You Mataji. Hari Bol

  • Hare krishna mataji
    Pamho agtsp

    Thank you so much for your wishes
  • Hare krishna mother padmavati,thank you for your kind words,May Krishna Bless you and make your life a success.

  • Hare Krshna Mataji

    Thank u for the wishes. :-)

  • Hare krishna mataji ...I have no words to express how much i am happy and blessed because of your message ..thank you so much ..If i get blessing from devotee like you then what else I want ...Hari bol

  • Hare Krishna,

    PAMHO.  All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    The inspiring words of the devotees of the Lord and the

    beautiful audio from Padmavati dasi of Krishna Katha Prayers

    are all encouraging to me

    The loving and kind scenes of Lord Krishna are enough to spark

    devotion in all.

    Your Servant,


  • Hare Krishna Mataji...

    Thank you so much Mataji..

  • Thanks allot Padmavathi ji for ur affection and care on me.... nice to join in this community and found u all ppl. Thanks to all of u.

    Hare Krishna.....

  • Hare Krishna! Mataji,

    Please accept my humble obeisance!

    Thank you very much your blessing.....


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