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  • I am glad to be your friend.


    Thank You very much.

  • Hare Krishna, thankyou I looked on your Profile and read that great advice to print out the prayers I endeavor to figure out how to do that, that I my learn them and teach my children thankyou for your priceless advice!


  • Hare Krishna maate,what you have said is the Truth by which all the saints follow & it is our work to follow them & spread them.



  • Hare Krishna,

    thanks for your blessings.


    Guide me please, I need help.



  • Pranam Hare Krishna Maate,
    Sadhu,sadhu for your comment ,hope that my all queries will fullfilled.
  • HARE KRISHNA  Mathaji


    Thank u very much for your blessing

  • Pranam sir, Hare Krishna, i am thankful to ur blessings.... Hare Krishna.... Hari Bol

  • hare krishna mataji.....thanks for your Krishna conscious caring words...Hari Bol

  • Pranam,

    Hare Krishna.I am so thankful to you for the cmmunication with me. I send you request please accept. I would b glad to take directions in my devotional life from a senior devotee. Hri bol !!!

  • hari bol.

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