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  • thank you very much mataji. please keep showering your mercy upon me........hare krsna
  • Thank you very much and may the beauty love grace and joy of Shri Krishnas blessings all flourish in your life! (^.^) much love,Selina

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    I saw some of your invites. Thanks for the same. Please guide me as to how I can participate by joining this group. I have no idea.

    Pankaj Prabhu
    Hyderabad India
  • Hare Krishna,

    Thankyou very much mathaji for the invite.

    Hari bol,


  • hare krsna........PAMHO.......all all glories to guru maharaj ji, gauranga mahaprabhu and sri sri radhashyamsunder ji......thnx for your blessings mata ji.......radhe radhe :)

  • Hare Krishna,

    Many thanks Mataji for your valued blessings. I and my family pray for the same. Kindly accept my pranamam.
  • TQ Mataji. Will want to talk you. But i still new to this forum.
    Hare Krshna
  • hare krishna mathaji thank you for your valuble words mathaji, and your the real servent of krishna mathaji,.. ok mathaji we will talk some other time.,, hare boll,,, hare krishna,
  • Thank u mathaji. Looking forward to ur inspiring comments
  • Hare Krishna, and thank you so much, Mataji. I pray the same for you! Jaya Radha Shyam!
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