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  • hare krishna mathaji thank you for your valuble words mathaji, and your the real servent of krishna mathaji,.. ok mathaji we will talk some other time.,, hare boll,,, hare krishna,
  • Thank u mathaji. Looking forward to ur inspiring comments
  • Hare Krishna, and thank you so much, Mataji. I pray the same for you! Jaya Radha Shyam!

    thank u very much mataji  for ur blessings . Pls accept my pranam

  • hare krishna mataji , thanku so much ....
  • Padmavati Mataji, thank for your kindness upon me.
    You are really very inspirative when i read your devotional sadhana. Go on and on and finaly you will see Divine Couple in front of your eyes.
    Obeisances to you.
  • Hare krishna mataji!
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna mataji. Please accept my humble obeisances. Its really great pleasure to watch all those devotional videos that you post on my profil. They are really soothing to eyes. Many thanks, please keep on posting such videos. With luv Priya :)
  • Thank you for accepting my membership....bless me so that I can become a pure devotee and progress in this path..Hare Krishna. Sandeep
  • hare krishna... mataji diwali subhakamshalu.. vasudeva
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