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  • Jaya Jaya Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava ...Thank you <3 Hare Krsna
  • Hating bol mataji. My obeisances to you. Thank you very much for bestowing your blessings upon me. I felt very great by reading your profile. And its by the mercy of lord Krishna only that we came in contact. I sincerely beg for your blessings to elevate me in the path of Krishna consciousness. Hare KRishna
  • Volunteer

    Dandavat Mataji. I feel that i am being elevated spiritually and i feel at peace simply by watching your videos, please shower your mercy upon me and keep me under your care.

  • thanks a lot, harekrshna
  • thank you so much for first comments on this network.

    may u get god's grace.
  • Hare Krishna Mathaji. Dandavats Pranam.

  • pranam mataji. hare krishan . take bye
  • Hare krsna mataji, thanks for the wonderful kirtans posted. In south india where is your location place mataji. my family is staying in chennai. Their are looking for association of sastangis /vaishnavas .


    baktan magudeswaran,'



  • hare krishna mataji.
    With mercy of krishna,
    'we have just started ISKON programme on 29/9 in EGypt/Ismailya with maharaj jayadvaita.
  • Jai Radhe!
    Thank you for your kind prayer Mataji. I offer you my respectful obeisances.
    The videos are beautiful!
    Dvijati Pujaka das
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