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  • mataji  hare krishna... i saw ur page now  i think that is like brindavan. i am very inpressed . thanks for ur comnts



  • Hare krishna.Thanks a lot mataji for your best wishes and blessings.I am new in Krishna Consciousness, trying my best to get more and more love for our Lord Krishna.Please do pray for me to get success  soon.

    Hari bol



  • Thanks Mataji for your kind comments & i feel proud to be associated with such kind devotees .

    Hare krishna



  • hare krishna mataji than u so much!!!!

  • Dear padamvati dasi        Pranam and Dandavat   Gaurav Krishna goswamis latest album Radha sahasr  nam Yatra is really good  Please listen 
  • hari bol ! you are my first friend in this devotee network. i am very much  happy to read your likings your sadhna. mataji please pray for me to do sadhna like you. and get more & more time to do various seva's. i  willing wish to be your friend near future.  

  • hare krishna..

    sadhu - sadhu

    pranams mataji.. thank u so much

  • hare krishn...thanku ,, krishna alves with u to fulfill you r dream... hare boool


  • hare krsna

  • Thankyou mataji for your divine videos and your enchanting critic upon my devotion thank you for your blessings oh vaishnavite

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