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  • Hare Krishna Mata,

    Thank you for your friendship and blessings. Im from ISKCON Suriname,in south america. This weekend we are going to Guyana for a Rath Yatra for Krishna Yanma Astmi.Hope you have a blessfull Krishna Yanma Astmi .


    Hare Krishna


  • hare krishna!

    pranam mathaji!

    wonderful!!! wonderful!! thank u so so much mathaji!

    may the blessings of srimathi  radha rani and lord krishna be always with you mathaji!!!!

  • Thanks for posting the videos ma. I feel like I am in a family. I want to know more about Krishna ma.I am just a beginner.

    Please educate me ma..

    Hare Ram

  • Thank you so much ma for the friend request. I am so much happy to be with Krishna devotees. Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment. 

  • Hare krishna :) Thank you very much for your compassionate words and blessings -a quality of true vaishnava as prabhupadji mentions. I am feeling very good for having been able to associate with krishna and his devotees. It's the greatest boon for me. I fall short of words to comment on the mercy of the lord and his devotees. I can only pray that this ocean of mercy reach every living entity.

  • thank i also wish you all the best

  • Thanks a lot mataji....

    Thnks a lot for ya prayers !!

  • Thank you. Hare Krishna!
  • hare krishna and thanks a lot ma for ur blessings and loving words.

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