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  • hare krishna i am very new here..i love krishna...i hv no  friends of krsna concious..plz help me to make some krishna concious friend here.. i like your sent video of krishna  songs...





  • Hare Krishna


    Thank you so much for your comments. You truly are an inspiration to all and I wish the very same to you too. It's so good to have wonderful association, so THank YOU. Devotees such as yourself makes the path so much easier to travel. Take care Mataji...

  • Hare Krishna mataji
    thanku so much for adding me.
    hare krishna
  • Hare Krsna Padmavati dasi mataji: 

    Thank you for befriending me online.  I appreciate your association and look forward to communicating with you.  Haribo Kushum dd

  • Hari Bol and a thousand thanks. I beg the lords devotees that I never fall back to mayavadi philosophy and that i progress in serving Krsna's devotees with the right mood.


  • Hare Krishna Mataji!

    Thank you for the warm welcome, kind blessings and beautiful pictures.

  • Hare Krishna Mataji, Dandavat pranam to you, thanks so much for your kind wishes. May Krishna bless you with his love. Hare Krishna Mataji.
  • aap mandir roj jaathe hai
  • Hare Krishna Mataji, thank you very much


  • hare krsna mataji..
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