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  • Hare Krishna Mathaji,

    Dandavad Pranam, thanks for your wishes,and guide me to improve in krishna consciousness.

    hari hari bol,

    your servant.


  • aka MiraBai Devi Dasi (JALEBI Music lead singer)

    Namaste! Hare Krsna! PAMHO! All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!
    Thank you for your kind and lovely message of welcome! May Sri Krsna shower you with transcendental blessings now and forever! Hariiiiiiiiiiibol! : ))
  • Hari Hari
    Thank you so very much for Your wonderful greetings. Your words invoke immense bliss to keep me inspired. I pray to the Lord for your well being.


    Your humble servant


  • thank you mataji, hope you will guide me in future also in the  search of lord
  • hare krishna mata ji. aapko dandavat pranam. thank you for ur blessings on me. thx u once again mata ji. i need ur help to make furher progress. i hope u will guide me to reach the real aim of human life.
  • sri Radha caran prayer
    durad apasya svajanan sukham-artha-kotim
    sarvesu sadhana-varesu ciram nirasah
    varsantam eva sahajadbhuta-saukhya-dharam
    sri radhika carana renum aham bhajami
     abandoning attachment for family and friend,material pleasures,welth,and all other spirituals paths,finding them distasteful, I take on my head and worship
    the dust of the lotus feet of sri Radhika,which is a shower of wonderful, transcendental bliss.


  • Hare krishna & dandavat pranam mataji. Mataji i want the radha asthotra mala, which praises srimathi radharani. and more pictures of radharani and joyfull pasttimes of sirmathi radha rani with sir krishna. Plz guide me to get these ones. Hare krishna
  • thnx mataji....
    Plz keep bestowing ur blessings on me.....
  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Dandavat Pranam.

    Thankyou very much for your wounderful blessings mataji,  Vaishava blessings sure Lord Krishna will granted. I too wish you the all success & I pray that you will reach Goloka Vrindavan forever.

    Thankyou once again Mataji.

    Hare Krishna!


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