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  • Hare Krishna Mataji, thanks a zillion for your awesome welcome comment.......Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hare krsna mataji,pamho thanxs ...may lord krsna guides you throughout your spritiual life and we always get ur blessing...

  • well said mataji, i agree with all that u have mentioned.....thanks for all the postings.
  • hare krishna mataji...pamho

    thank you for such prayers for such a fallen soul like me....may u always be successfull spiritually....agtsp

  • Thank you mataji. Hare Krishna!
  • Pranam mataji


    Thanks for your blessings.

  • hare krishna mataji.....thanks 4 d request....may Lord Radhe Krshna bless u...take care..


  • Hare Krishna ! Thanks 4 ur blessings . Woukd u be kind enough 2 guide me on BHAKTI PATH . Regards !
  • Hare Krishna mataji,


    All Glories to Slira Prabhupada

    Thanks for the worderful videos.

  • Hare Krishna mataji

    thanks for your blessings

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