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  • hari bol martha gi nandri For the welcome i hope to develope in my mission to become fully Krishna conc. HARI KRISHNA
  • hare krsna mataji...

    thanks alot for your comment...

  • Mata ji Sadar Dadavt sadar Pranam,

    lot of thanks for your great blessing mata ji.

  • My dandavats to woderfull Radha Krishna bhaktas like you!
  • hare krshna mathaji . pranam thank you verymuch
  • hare krishna

    i have send friend request.but there did'n accept ..what i should do (pls help me)boz i am new fr this n/w
  • hori bol , really u r agreat devotee. plz pry for me to LORD KRISHNA so that i can bea a devotee like u.

  • Hare krishna mataji,

    Thanks a lot for your blessings. I liked the video posts you provided. Thanks a lot. May krishna always keep you in his loving devotional service. chant and be happy. bye

  • Hare Krishna, great thanks for the reply


    Jagannatha Suta dasa

  • very beautiful radha rani......


This reply was deleted.