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  • Hare Krishna Mathji

    Pranam and thank u


    Hare Krishna

  • Haribol, thank you mataji for your blessings and good wishes...
  • hai friend .me new for this network..!!..i like u video s


  • Thank you.

    Best regards


  • Hare Krishna Mata Ji ! May this birth be yours last birth in this material world.
  • hare krishna pranam mataji its all krishna's mercy & u r blessings tat brought me in spriyual touch hari bol always be in touch

    take care

    your humble servant

    santhosh kumar

  • hare krishna

    thank u for sharing

  • beautiful picture of Radha Rani.......very sweet.


  • Thank u so much mata ji . please pray this sinful that always engaged in my Guru &n Gauranga's service
  • Pranam Mataji,

    Hare Krishna

    Thank you for such a beautiful welcome, with your loving words and Hare Krishna songs. I'm very much encouraged by your daily activity. I hope to learn so much more. I'm just beginning my Krishna Bhakti and I am happy and excited to meet Lord Krishna each time I chant his name. Hare Krishna.

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