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  • Thank you so much Mataji, Please pray for this fallen soul to krishna.

    Hari bol!

  • Hare krishna... Take care
  • Thank you Mataji

    Hare Krsna

    Devotee's are always wonderfull

    Kali yuga hari naam sankirtan ki jai!!!




  • Hare Krishna, Padmavati Prabhvi! Thanks for your blessings. I wish you the best in Krishna consciousness too. Hari Hari bol!
  • hare krishna.  pranaam maathaji, thank u very much for your blesses....and for sri prabhupad's rare videos.we are very fortune to have you here mathaji


  • hare krishna mj


    dandvat parnam

  • pranam mataji..thank you very much for sharing such a nice bhajan .

    Hare Krishna!!

  • hare krishna! thank u.i am in a good association for my spiritual enlightenment
  • hare krishna! i don noe much about iskon but hope to gain great support of urs in sustaining knowledge ..Hare krishna!! byee.


  • thank u, hare krishna
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