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  • Hare krishna Mataji


    How r u?



  • hare krishna mathaji. happy panihati festival
  • Dear padmavati dasi,

    I just want to know why we should do 16 rounds daily?

    Hare Krishna




  • Respected Padmavati Mataji, PAMHO,

    I am very thankful for these beautiful & inspiring video of Shreela Pabhupada.

    I shall pray to Krsna for your devotional progress.

    Thank You & Hare Krishna.

  • Thank you mata ji !
  • Thanks Padmavati  :)

    Hare Krishna!!

  • hare Krishna... Thanks a lot for the friend request... take care.. haribolo.... pamho
  • thanks a lot mata ji!!!!!!!!! after seeing ur profile i couldnt stop myself to think 4 a while . u rhaving a fr8 mercy from krishna . anyway thanks for the comment .

    hare krishna ! hari bol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Haribol! dandavat pranam to you... thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
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