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  • Hare Krishna....Thank you very much for sending woderful image
  • Hare Krishna Mataji, I see you have 2 grandchildren well i have to as well, a third one is on the way. So we have something besides Krishna Conciousness in common. I'm still very new in the movement and I ask your blessings any guidance you can offer. Yhs,Glenda
  • Hare Krishna & Dandavat Pranam Mataji. Thank you for ur assistance. Mataji ur notes are really marvellous. It seems u have got a very large volume of Srila Prabhupada ji's collection.
  • HARE KRISHNA ! Mataji

    Thanx for provinding wonderful Krsna knowledge and bhajjans

    In your service


  • hari bolll..........trascedental service.....
  • hare KRISHNA.... wonderful  experience......
  • hare krsna, your videos are very nice
  • hare krishna , pls be i touch and send the nice vdos and bhajans regularly if possible, thank u for nice vdos.
  • Hare Krishna
  • Hare Krishna, With divine grace i am happy to accept yu as friend. Hope our association will cherish in the devotion of lord krishna.
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