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  • hare hrishna
  • haribol....hw r u???? may radha krsna showers their blessings nd mercies on u nd make u  capable to chant deir holy name till ur last breath...:):)
  • Hare krishna mataji :-)
  • hare krishna  mata ji thanks for your kindness on me

    am new in krisna movement am doing 5 round only


  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    Dandavat Pranaam thanks for sending the Bhajans and the darshan.

    His small bhakt





  • Hare Krishna! thank you for sending such beautiful songs,

    your menial servant

  • hare krsna mataji :)
  • Jai Shree Krishna....
  • हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण  कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।

    हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे ॥



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