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  • hare krishna mathaji..dandvat pranam..need ur mercy nd blessings to advance in kc..haribol..:)
  • Hare Krishna!

    Dear mataji,

    Thank you a lot for your concern about all of us. We need mercy of devotees, you know.
    I am impressed by your daily sadhana, I wish I could start doing at least part of such list. 
    You are very inspiring, mataji Padmavati! And helpful as well. 
    My humble obeisances. 

  • Hare Krishna mataji, dandavats, thank you so much for your wishes. ys Nila Madhava das
  • Humble thanks ! Hare Krishna!

  • hare krishna....thank u and hope lord krishna may bless all.......
  • hare krsna,

    when we forget our way the one who comes to our rescue is krsna,and when we walk on path of glory the one who holds our hand is none other than krsna;i believe in him.

  • hare hrishna
  • haribol....hw r u???? may radha krsna showers their blessings nd mercies on u nd make u  capable to chant deir holy name till ur last breath...:):)
  • Hare krishna mataji :-)
  • hare krishna  mata ji thanks for your kindness on me

    am new in krisna movement am doing 5 round only


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