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  • hare krishna maa, pamho, i am greatful to you for adding me as your friend ma, i joined in this group only for increasing my god consciousness, because i am a so fallen, degraded soul that who does not have a little faith on the presence of god, so that i am facing a very, very, very miserable life, immoral life. hence i am humbly begging your inspiration for increasing my faith on god.
  • Thank you very much .Hare Krishna !

  • Hare Krisna Mataji, thanks for your wishes, good day
  • hare krishna Mataji ,

    thanks for making me  your friend in your community. i have read your daily program and it is amazing  please pray so i can follow some of your teaching daily

    very good music

    hope you will inspire younger generation with your sincerity and love

    hari bol

  • Hare Krishna Maataji,

    Thnks for sending the comments and various other links. I was looking for some new audio lectures by His Grace Gauranga Prabhu, if u have any then pls forward it.


    Thnks for inviting me in ur community, Hope to find new devotees.





  • Hare Krishna :)
  • Hare Krishna Mataji,

    First of all please accept my humble obeisances.

    You were the first to accept me in your network.

    This shall remain as indelible mark in my memory.

    Thanks & Regards


  • Harekrishna Matasri dandabat Pranam unto your beautiful lotus feet,

    Matasri you are always great.please forgive my bad thing and keep us in your lotus feet

    your sweet Darshna,bani,Mood,make us joyful

    hari Bol



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    Hare Krishna..thank you so much for the wish..mathaji

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