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  • haribol,after reading your status i am very impress
  • Harekrishna Matasri dandabat Pranam unto Your Lotus feet.

    Hari Bol.


  • Haribol, what is your secret and what are the things you avoid to maintain such a wonderful attitude...?
  • haribol ,after reading abt ur sadhana(daily routine) i m thinking wat a g8 devotee u r.Really no words.hari hari
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  • <a href=''><img src='' alt='radha krishna devotee god pictures, backgrounds and images' title='radha krishna devotee god pictures, backgrounds and images'></a>

  • Harekrishna Matasri Dandabat Pranam unto your Lotus feet.AGTSGAG,AGTSP.


    Akshaya TritiyA


    Hari Bol..

    Your Very Humble Servent

  • Thank you very much for sharing the great videos
  • Pranam Mataji, Thanks for your wishes.
  • Pranam mataji, Thanks for your message and please do keep in touch
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