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  • Thank you so much mataji for these beautiful videos ..Hare krsna..
  • hare krishna pabhu ji .....

    thanks for such a blessfull videos


  • hare krishna mataji i was busy in my studies
  • Dandwat Pranaam Mataj!!

    Very-2 thanx for beautiful gifts



  • Hare Krishna., & Happy Ram Navami


  • After reading the description.. i really like you all the more ! 

    You are great..!  You read so many Books.. and also you are a grandmom ! Wao !


    i usually check some dishes on iskcondesiretree .. honestly i hvnt tried any yet..but it surely gives a lot of cooking tips ...

    you must be a good cook.. 

    Hope to meet you sometime... Hare Krishna !

    & once again.. Thanks for being a Friend ! & Thank you Krishna for giving me such a good friend ! :) :) Hari Bol !

  • Would love to see the videos you have shared..! I usually check net only on weekends..
  • Hare ram padmavati ji

    jai seetharam

  • Mata ji Sadar Dadavt Pranam,

    Lot of Thanks for supporting krishna consciousness mata ji.

    Hare Krishna hare Ram

  • Hare krishna, thank you mataji 
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