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  • hare krsna


  • hare krishna

     i am new devotes


  • hare krishna mataji dandavat,

    thank u very much for beautiful bhajan and vedio,


    yours servant, vinaya

  • PAMHO!

    keep blessing

    aspiring to be a servant :)

  • Thanks mataji. I will go through them. Hare krishna.
  • Mata ji Sadar  Dandavt Pranam,

    Hare krishna hare Ram Mata ji.



    Have nice day ,

     God Bless You

    Take Care .


  • Hare Krsna mataji :)..hope u r doing gr8 :)..take care

    Haribol! :)
  • hari bol mataji.....

    hope u are doing fine. take care....2533402342?profile=original

  • Hare Krishna mataji
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