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  • Pranam Mataji.
  • Hare krishna mataji.........thank you so much mataji...........
  • hare krishna
    padma ji
  • Thank you
    hare krishna
  • Hara Krishna, Many thanks for all thee beautiful songs, ther are indeed very inspirational.

    Hara Krishna
  • Hare Krishna Padmavaty Mataji. I am really touched and inspired by your daily routine in the Sadhana Bhakti. You are a fortunate soul. Since you do not hv any interest in prajalpa, your mood and inclination is always directs you in the right spiritual path. I can take a few tips from your sadhana. Thanks for sharing all your spiritual endeavours. yours most humble servant. murali govind dasa.
  • Hare Krishna Mataji thank you very much :)
  • Hare krishna mataji, you are the one who is going to be my first friend on this site... look forward.... what krishna wants ..
  • thanks for your blessing mata ji....Sadar Dandavt Pranam mata ji...
  • hare krishna mataji
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