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  • Matjai need one help can i know ur email add

    have some questions abt SP lectures?

    Write a short summary of all the classes you heard in terms of the
    impact they had on your heart (in relation to)
    a.    Personal life

    b.    Services

    2.    Did any major misconception get cleared by hearing the classes?
    Please explain?

    3.    How do you feel inspired towards positive contemplation? i.e. what
    points you carry to contemplate and apply?

    4.    Write about your determination to assist in preaching services based
    on the classes you heard. i.e. What steps you will take based on what you
    have heard to assist in preaching services?



  • Hare krishna mata ji......Mata ji sadar danadvt  Pranam,



  • hare  krishna mataji please mail me the prayers , as you said i can have a prayer book and read every day , hare krishna
  • thanks mataji,

    very good songs

    hari bol

  • Hare Krsna! Mtj
  • Hare krishna mataji,hari bol
  • Pranam mataji thank you for the welcome :-)

    Radhe Govinda

  • Hare Krsna mataji. Dandavat. Looking at your sadhana it really shows a person like me that how far I am from being a serious devotee...All that I do is chant few rounds of Hare Krsna mahamantra daily...Please bless me so that I can be as serious devotee as you are... Hari Bol
  • Pranam and Hare Krishna again mata ji.  Thank you for your message about prayers; it is very thoughtful of you to put it up and very helpful for people like me.  Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.
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