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  • hare krishna ! dandavat mataji! thank you for wonderful commments.


    hare krishna

  • hare krishna mata ji

    dandavat pranam

    do you have any deity in your home whome you worship.

  • Harey Krishna Mataji


    Thank you very much for your cmnt. I wish you a wonderful new year.



  • Dandavat Pranam Mataji. wish you happy new year mataji. Inthis new year i want do mangalarati in my home. One pure devotee of our group has given me radha gopinath  photo yesterday so i want to start daily mangal arati at my home. please send me information how to do mangal arati and how to offer prasadam for lord krishna
  • than u very much mataji for nice & buteatyful songs.

    specially wish for happy new year .

    take care

    Hare krshna

  • hare krishna maataji!
  • pranam maataji !hank you so much for the links and videos!


  • hare krishan.......

    thnx fo ol ur pricious videos n pictures ...... ol d very bset fo dis new year may  you have radha madhav mercy.....

    hare krishna

  • Hare Krishna Padmavatijee thank you wish u also a very happy New Year
  • hare krsna mataji happy krsna conscious new year with lots of bhakti ,chanting ,hearing,and service.
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