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  • hare krishna mataji

    kindly accept my obeisances ur devotional routine seems completely transcendental to me.

    kindly pray for me

    hari bol

  • hare krishna mataji

    kindly accept my humble obeisances

    ur devotional routine seems completely transcendental to me i couldnt imagine dat so much devotional service can be offered in the grihastasram.

    pls pray for me

    im trying to serve the lord but my family(in laws) is against my association with iskcon

    still im trying hard to serve as much as i can at the same time avoiding serious conflicts.

    kindly pray for  me

    hari  bol.

  • Dhandvat pranam mataji,

    Thank you for msg about join to Diety group and for a such beautiful photo of lord krishna.




  • Hello, Thank you for your comment on my video and for the reading recommendations, which, as I said, I would love to extend to some prayers: the ones you have in mind and said I can print, are they from this group called BEG PURE BHAKTI....? Excuse me for being so slow getting these channels right. However I must tell you I read the Bhagavad Gita every day, I love studying it and I join a formal group once a week with a Colombian guy who lived 10 years in an Ashram somewhere in India, and whose commitment is very inspiring; otherwise, the vedic culture is very remote, in every sense, from this part of the world. I only started three months ago to learn about Krishna Consciousness and since day one of a retreat I soon took, I have been following the 4 regulative principles. My biggest problem so far has been the act of offering any thing that's about to enter my mouth : ( I usually find mysel in the middle of any meal, feeling like an...animal, but with patience and consistency, I will improve. I repeat my mantra (the one I was given on the retreat: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya) every day whenever I can, and I listen to a CD I burnt with that mantra sang by many people, every time I am driving by myself. I chant in my mind once or twice a day the Maha Mantra. It´s not easy to be Krishna Conscious in this city where I live, a place totally transformed by the narco-culture and exuding passion everywhere... but there are ways to get connected, I saw the Bhaktivedanta Manor New Year's celebration live for 3 hours, for instance, and I enjoyed it sooo much... were you there that night?

    Hare Krishna, Hare Rama!! My best wishes to you!

  • hare krishna ! dandavat mataji! thank you for wonderful commments.


    hare krishna

  • hare krishna mata ji

    dandavat pranam

    do you have any deity in your home whome you worship.

  • Harey Krishna Mataji


    Thank you very much for your cmnt. I wish you a wonderful new year.



  • Dandavat Pranam Mataji. wish you happy new year mataji. Inthis new year i want do mangalarati in my home. One pure devotee of our group has given me radha gopinath  photo yesterday so i want to start daily mangal arati at my home. please send me information how to do mangal arati and how to offer prasadam for lord krishna
  • than u very much mataji for nice & buteatyful songs.

    specially wish for happy new year .

    take care

    Hare krshna

  • hare krishna maataji!
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