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  • Hare Krishna ! Thanks. Take care. Hari Bol.......
  • pranam ..... hare krishna... thank you .
  • Hare krishna thanx a lot
  • Dandavats to you!!!!

    All glories to Sri Sri Guara Gauranga. Thank you for joining.

    Hari bol :)

  • Hare Krishna didi, thank you for the photos, take care, bye.
  • Hare Krsna Mataji,PAMHO
  • Hare Krishna didi. I took your advice and joined up. I also started a group. I will need your help and support. As I am on the internet, please remember, ishvari will pick you up 9:00am on Saturday. Ready and wait for her, see you soon, bye.
  • thanks mataji,Please bless me so that i can serve guru and kirshna! to best of my ablities
    Hare Krishna!
  • harekrishna mataji...


    thank you for the songs


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