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  • hare krishna mataji, thank you for sending mahamantra. Our life's main aim is to chant this mahamantra regularly.

    hari bol


  • Hare krishna mataji

    please pray to lord krishna for me to make progess in devotional service for lord krishna. I want to become pure devotee of lord krishna as you.

    hari bol

  • Hari bol
    Pranam Mataji,
    Thanks for such a beautiful photos of lord krishna and radha rani. I want know about receipe of vegetables without onion and garlic. can you send me the receipies?
    Hare Krishna
  • hare krishna
    pranam mataji,
    i am influenced by your behaviour and knowledge. as i rad that you have 5 recipe books , i would like to ask the recipe for cakes. we areinterested in cooking and like the cakes in temples , but dont have recipe for its preparation . thats why , kindly tell me the recipe for the same.
  • Hare krishna,

    Beautiful Bhakti Song ,I will Be Vary Happy

     Thanks. take care, bye.

  • Hare Krsna mataji. PAMHO AGTSP.

    Thanks for such wonderful photos.

    Hari Bol. Take care.

  • Prabhu,

    Thank you for the wonderful youtube celebration of Sri Krsna. The spendid manifestation of devotional art married to the glorious, transcendental devotional music made for a powerful combination.


    Is there a way to get any of the artwork you showed, I mean sites I could send a mail order check to? I was particularly stricken by a blue Krsna with a golden crown and halo that appeared at about 6:30 minutes into the 7:15 minute presentation. Any help with this would be appreciated.


    I feel when I am surrounded by transcendental Krsna art, it brings the everpresent reality of His presence more fully into my awareness and feellings.


    Hare Bol,


    Dale Beaulieu

  • Thank you very much Mataji for posting HH Indradyumna Maharaja's picture.
  • hare krishna,mataji

    Thank you


  • Hare Krishna Mataji, PAMHObeisances AGTSPrabhupada
    Thank you for your comments.
    Please send me pictures of temples there and ecstatic kirtan if possible. I like Radha Krishna darshan and kirtan. Thank you and sorry to trouble you.
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