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  • Hare Krishna Thank you, Pranam.

  • Dear padmavati dasi,

    Please accept my obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

    I am editing another part the video that was uploaded and the  last picture you sent would be very useful to use to cover up some shaky camera work. Is it possible to use it in this video?

    Your servant, Russell Prabhu



  • Mata ji Sadar Dandavat Pranam,
    Hare krishan Hare ram.
  • Dandavat pranam mataji,what's you'r profession?
  • hare krishna.

    padmavathi dasi mathaji, i am very happy to have ur association. plz keep in touch with me. i need ur guidance,help and blessings for my krishna consciousness future.

    I always pray to SrilaPrabhupad for devotees association.

    plz guide me.

    thank u,


    servant of krishna.

  • Hare krishna . Take my humble dandavat pranams.

  • Hare Krishna Maatajee

  • Hare krishna,

    Mata ji  Dandavt Pranam

  • Hare krishna,

    Thank u for your association :-)


    jay jagannath!!

  • Hare Krishna, mataji!

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