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  • What a beautiful image to begin the day with, thank you very much : )

  • Thank U,

    Hare Krishna

  • Pranam mathaji, thank you

    All glories to Prabupada

  • Thank u mataji for your comments, photos and videos.

  •  hare krishna mataji, PAMHO thank u for maharajs  photo; i saw  u have put the image of yashoda maiyya as ur profile image it very nice & by reading comments on u r cmnt wall i could realise that u r very affectionet like mothr 

  • Hare Krishna,

    Thanks  for the beautiul drashanas and for adding me in your friend's list.

  • Hare Krsna, thank you for the videos.

  • hare krishna , pamho, agtsp

    thanks a lot for nice vedios


  • Namaste, RadheKrishna :), your profile gives an image of that of a Grandmother/Mother, I am glad to have a friend who has grandmotherly friendship to share.

  • Thank you very much for adding me in your friend request. Hare Krishna

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