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  • hare krsna mataji dandvat pranam.......
  • mataji cooking is the greatest sewa a mataji can do so easily Lord M\ercy I had beautiful sewa of this in my family thanks to my wife my daughter is eager to learn food technology mataji i want the Mercy of the Lord krishna the food sewa continues in my family through my younger daughter studying and devotees to guide her into krishna bhog prasadam sewa
  • Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!All glories to Srila Shachinandana Swami Srila Prabhupada! I was lying in the dust of your lotus feet for this picture! Guru-Maharaj - he is the king of my heart! I am eternally His servant! Hare Krishna!
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  • Hare Krishna Mataji !
    Thanks for adding me into your network,

    your servant.

  • Jaya
    Angelina - gandharvika d.d. (RDG)
  • Thank u mataji for accepting me as u r friend. wonderful video u have posted. Haribol
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