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  • Hare Krishna prabhu...Sorry for replying late...Before i tell you anything about Lord Krishna you should first get introduced to yourself, ( Who am i ? Why are we sent to this earth, Does God Exist ?) we need to get answered to all these questions. And why we should worship krishna ?

    So First of all you need to find a ISKCON centre next to you and join their 3 day course. All your questions will be answered.

    After that what you can do is just follow the link that i am giving you, in this DVD movie link you will find Ramanand's sagar's Shri Krishna download all 4 DVD parts and view them from the start. This serial is based on Lord Krishnas Bhagwat Puran/Bhagwatam.


    If any other quest. please let me know.



    Hare Krishna

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    Pranam Anthony prabhu. Hare Krishna, take care, bye.
  • You Are wellcome!My dandavats!Hare Krishna!
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