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  • Hare krishna ! I am keralamural painting artist
  • hare krishna...all glories to srila Prabhupada !
  • Hare Krishna Mataji,
    Thank u very much for ur reply.We will b having Narsimha Katha(especially on Prayers of Prahlad Maharaj) for consecutive 4 days, right from today.And then tommorrow evening Maha Abhishek ceremony and then wonderful Drama.
    Nowadays I am struggling to set up my Home here in Nasik which is also behind the temple.At the same time I am looking forward for my marriage.I already found a nice Devotee girl but still there are some traditional problems for the marriage.
    I request u to kindly pray to Lord Narsimha on my behalf so that I can have nicely settled Krishna conscious Grhstha Ashram.
    Hari Bol ! is for sale !!
    Need to buy this domainnname ? Request an offer and it could be yours
  • Hare Krishna ,
    it seems u r busy nowadays ????
  • Jai Sri Krishna ! Prabhu ji
  • Harinam Sankirtan ki jay
    Today is the very first day of the rest of my life.
    This is the beginning of a new day.
    I can waste it ... or use it for Spreading KC.
    But what I do today is important,
    because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.
    Hari Bol!
  • Now today night we will b living for mayapur yatra for next 6 days,with 50 college boys,and will b having big Harinam,dramas,kathas and of course dham darshan.It may not b possible 4 me to sit on net during this period.pls pray for me that in real sense i can see dham
  • this marathon we have distributed almost 20,000 mahabig books from our temple
  • hari bol,
    How r u? How is ur book distribution going on 4 this Marathon.
This reply was deleted.