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    Pranam Dearest Vinay Prabhu. Hare Krishna.
    May your devotion to Krishna be resolute and unflinching; 
    May your confidence in Krishna be firm and total;
    May your love for Krishna be unfailing and intense.
    And may your faith in Krishna be strong and steadfast;
    deep and profound; unwavering and unshakeable. 
    Know well that Krishna`s eternal love for you encircle and
    encompasses you at all times, night and day.
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
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  • hare krishna ! i'm residing in chandigarh ..udaipur is my birthplace ..i'm not living there ..
  • yes prabhu .. u can have association in Udaipur too..
    Here is now a small temple established (specially for students preaching prg.)
    Here is the address - house no. 47 Sector 8 Near Baroda Nursery JPNagar, Hiran Magri Sector 8 Udaipur .
  • Hare Krishna, how are you prabhu? How's ur spiritual life going on?
  • Hare Krishna prabhu,
    All glories to guru and gaurangga.
    It's for Krishna... =)
    Well, yes I am from Malaysia. Honestly, I am not a good cook. However, it's not difficult to get vegetarian food here. Preparing Krishna prasadam also, from what I obsever, is not difficult too. Why did prabhu ask so? Do you want to come to Malaysia? If yes, welcome to Malaysia. Dont worry about the food. It's easy to get Krishna Prasadam. Well, if you come to KL, there's a restaurant by Krishna Devotees called Govindha Restaurant...

    Jay Mahaprasad!!!

    Das anu das,
    Shamalah Kandayah
  • Hare Krishna,

    All glories ro Sri Guru and Gaurangga!

    Please accept my humble obeisances. My question in the forum is just the question that I want to know. But basically, the most important thing is love and devotion. Hope I can serve you the best level I can prabhuji.

    The Achyutam Keshavan is a song sung by Vikram Hazra as stated by the source that I got. You can download it in You Tube. Here is the link:

    Hope you can download the song and feel the present of Krishna.

    Jay Sri Radhe, Jay Sri Syam!

    Hare Krishna.

    Servant of the servant of the Lord,

    Shamalah Kandayah.
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