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  • Hare Krsna!

    Dear Devotee/s

    I know this is not the ideal way to start my first conversation, but I think its the Lords arrangments that you invited me as a friend - you cannot trust anyone out there in the material world -they will simply cheat. I have been wanting to so badly to disscuss my wifes deterioting kidney problems. Maybe you can give some advise or recommend some product since its in your field.

    Firstly I have tried many products both Aryuvedic and Chinese. Later I found an Austrialian web site from a Naturalist, and he recommended many supplements combined with chinese herbal medication. These product were extremely expensive and left me financialy burdened and the products were merely stabilizing her condition with not much change.

    I am so sorry to trouble you with all this, but do you have any suggestions.

    Thank you

    Kripamoya das

    South Africa

  • U have requested me to translate blogs from English to Hindi. I can do it manually as I can not type in Hindi. I will now learn to type in Hindi also. Pl advise how do I assist u?

  • Volunteer
    Pranam Prabhu. Hare Krishna. Take care, bye.

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