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    Hare Krsna!!
    Wish you a very happy KC b'day, May lord krsna n smt radha rani bless you always. & this is your last birth in this material world.
    Hari Bol
  • Hare Krsna Srila Prabhu,

    Please accept my humblest of obeisance. I apparently have been gone from the desire tree for a very long time and missed your invite. I am very sorry about that. However, if you would accept me now I would be very interested in learning more about your interest in transpersonal psychology and what you have your conclusions have been since.

    Thank you for your friendship request. Please accept my dandavats pranams.

    Bhakta Wil
  • Hare Krishna!
    Thank You so Much for The Enlightement You have taken the time to share with me. I appreciate it very much. Thank You for the detail and information You have given me. It will help me on my path. I will try my very best to keep the fast. Thank you very much for letting me have the honor of your association!
    Have a Great day!!
    Hare Krishna! =)
  • Jai Shila Prabhu,
    Last time I saw you was in New Vrindaban 1986. I am so happy that you are still fired up for KC--me also. All is well with me. My son in law is Gaura Vani-the kirtan singer. []I have 3 grand kids from them. I remember you always turning of the extra lights to save Krishna's Laxsmi at the old Brooklyn Temple.
    I hope you are well,
    Your servant,
    Anuttama Das - Kirtan Downloads and Lifestyle
    The music of Gaura Vani is bringing kirtan into the world music scene and expanding horizons.
  • Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur Ltr 2/226/1918: "As long as the jiva is foolish and considers himself crippled by material lacking, an inclination to perform action (karma) arises in him. Thus in order to become wealthy, he again invokes the propensity to perform actions based on sense enjoyment. Those servants of Sri Hari who are liberated from these worldly conceptions engage themselves solely in chanting the holy names of Sri Hari. Since the materially conditioned jivas cannot comprehend their own position as eternal servants of Sri Hari, they become elevationists, and thus invoke heresy.

    Why is a person like you, devoted to chanting the holy name as you are, busying himself with such activities? You should always keep in mind that one cannot attain Krsna while in bad association (duhsanga). Only when one discards detrimental association and keeps association with devotees (sadhu-sanga) can one achieve the lotus feet of the Sri Hari. To speak anything further in this regard would be superfluous."
  • Without good association or a favorable environment, japa can become burdensome or hackneyed, even despite our best intentions. Imitating others can only last for so long. We should gauge our chanting by a combination of genuine personal inspiration and proper guidance. A spiritual master is like a personal trainer who will coax us to make the most of our hidden potential.

    Best is to start slowly (1, 2, 4…) and gradually build up in our vows (8, 16, 32, 64). Our chanting should go on throughout our lifetime and never stop - preferably not decreasing but increasing whenever possible. Then again, we may pass thru different periods(exams, job, motherhood) when we don't have the time or energy we had before. The point is that, despite circumstances, we should never lose hope or falter in our determination to go on chanting, somehow or another.

    Spiritual advancement depends on the attitude of the practitioner. Bhakti (devotion for Krsna) is not a matter of quantity as quality. But taking it easy or being lazy in regards to chanting is not a sign of devotion either. Everyone has to find their own balance. How much time can you give to Krsna-nama amidst everything else going on your life?
    There may be some contention in the QUALITY vs QUANTITY debate. But one thing is for certain: Bhakti cannot be performed independently. We require association with advanced devotees and a spiritual master to energize, sustain and direct our spiritual life.

    Lord Brahma explains (Brahma-samhita 59) that the highest devotion is attained in slow degrees thru the method of 1) scriptural evidence, 2) theistic conduct and 3) perseverance in practice. Everything depends on sincerity and grace -- our effort, Krsna’s reciprocation, and blessings from His devotees.

    The proof of devotion is in the chanting: we should feel ourself becoming peaceful, enlightened and happy. If chanting becomes troublesome or painful and we are stressed out or disturbed, some adjustment is required.
  • If you find my previous words helpful, then that is your sincerity and Krsna's blessings upon me by injecting some value to my writing.
    Kayena Vacha Manasendriyarva
    Buddhyatmanava Prakriter Swabhavad
    Karomi Yad Yad Sakalam Parasmai
    Narayana Iti Samarpayami.
    To whatever degree I dedicate my mind, thoughts and actions to Krsna, surely auspiciousness will follow. When Krsna is pleased, then everyone is pleased. So if you are pleased, that is at least a good sign!
    As far as chanting a fixed numbers of rounds on japa, this is one of the most important items of discharging sadhana under rules and regulations (vaidhi-bhakti) -- establishing a practice of japa by "numerical strength." However, we should know that the real purpose of practicing rules and regulations is to gain some positive attraction for Krsna, not to simply to follow a rote formula by way of imitation. There is no magic number of chants to get love of Krsna.

    Rupa Goswami offers some guidance in this connection (Nectar of Instruction 2). If we don't regularly take some effort to chant (niyama-agraha), then where is question of making advancement in chanting? But on the other hand, simply adhering to rules for the sake of following them (niyama-Agraha) can have the countereffect whereby we actually lose taste or even give up chanting altogether because we undertook a vow beyond our capacity to comfortably perform. Therefore in Nectar of Devotion (chpt 7, p.63), Srila Prabhupada comments under Rupa Goswami's guideline of "accepting only what is necessary" that one should minimize his chanting according to his or her capacity. Prabhupada recommends at least 16 rounds for initiated devotees. This is especially applicable to devotees living in the temple.
    However, for householders and the uninitiated, this becomes a very personal question: Only you know how much time you have available, amidst your other obligations and activities, when you are able or willing to give for chanting.
  • Hare Krishna. It was such a pleasure to read the beautiful and spiritually encouraging comment you had thoughtfully left for me. I really truly appreciate all your wise words and encouragement you have given me to further my Hari Bhakti. As long as I have pure devotees such as yourself to guide me, I am sure i will not fall in my service to the Lord. Thank you for the details of the ISCKON centre in Sydney. It is the greatest help truly. I shall visit and do service with my family piously, with Krishna's Grace.
    And with your mercy and devotees of the Lord's, I shall be able to lead a Krishna concious life. I only have worry. If i want to chant my daily sixteen rounds and have school and recreation to attend, how do i manage that? Your advice is very much needed and will be a blessing to me.
    HariBol Prabhuji.
    May the Lord always be with you.
    Your humble servant.
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji.
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