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  • Hare krishna Prabhu how are you, thank you for the add!
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    How are u..
  • haribol sadhu
  • In our congregation (German) there is one couple from pakistan and their father visited us before 3 months and was requesting that please fgive me some phone number in karanchi so that I can associate with devotees and at that time we could not find and he went back to Pakistan. we need your phone number to send to him
  • Could you give me the address or contact details of Bhakta in Karanchi one of my close friend want to have association
  • Hare Krishna prabhuji,
    How are you? Sorry nowadays I'm quite busy..
    Happy New Year 2009!

  • Hari Bhol,
    I want to serve for Lord Krishna in Dubai but there is not ISKCON Temple. I do not want to walk but want to run to achieve spiritual and science knowledge of Bhagwat Gita and Shashtra (iam sorry if they are one as being new) and want to spread all over for Krishna consciousness. Help me how should i proceed ahead.
    Unable to give time for myself but now i do not want to be in dark, light of Lord Krishna is rising in me and want to have a proper sources to proceed. Shri Ram
  • Hare Krishna...yes, I remember you. You are initiated now, right? :)
  • vinod jee hare krsna..
    i met some devotees from pak... Raamyagya pr & visnu duta pr..
    do u know them...?
  • Hare Krishna, thanks for the note. Hope you are enjoying your life in Krishna Consciousness!:)
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