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    kindly talk to my Temple President on my behalf... it is only when i am settled in the Temple .to be INITIATED :- participating in Temple :- TEACHING the Gurukula 2. Driving(i have aprofessional drivingLicence also ) 3. SANKITANA BOOK DISTRIBUTION...that i can talk about pursuing any vedic or Baktivedanta Studies.
    Currently..I live about 30 kilometers away from the Temple and only goes there often on Sundays to participate in temple programs..
    i am living alone and doing my own things ...
    kindly intercede on my behalf Talk to Srivas Das : far he gave me " NECTAR OF DEVOTION" to read ...
  • Please arrngemens are being made for me to RENOUNCE...full time stay in the temple...please intercede ...kindly to talk to my TEMPLE PRESIDENT:-
  • Sunil,
    you are just a wonderful friend...i don't know how to express my feelings..or describe ! I will like to have a qualification.. Degree Level, that i will serve all my live in I.S.C.K.O.N...i have Higher School Cert.+ Advanced Office User (soft Ware Certificate)., which i can even mail to you at yahoo.
    A college in Switzerland.. Holland, Germany, Holland ( any Netherlands) U.S.A
  • Hari bol,
    ur just mavelous...thanks for yr concern... i got all tge colleges..some of which i have applied earlier..
    you asked if i am initiated..but it is very difficult down Ghana Temple... but i hope to be initiated , come this one!
    are you live in the temple what do you do?
  • hi,
  • Hare Krishna! thank you) me too.
  • Hare Krsna! AGTSP! very enchanted about your gravity towards me. I shall keep in touch, no doubt. Personally, i am inspired mostly by artistic association. The Hare Krishna movement is largely an artistic society anyway,so i'm able to appreciate virtually all ISKCON association, what a wonderful house Srila Prabhupad a built, is it not? I've heard plenty about Holland, maybe when on tour in the future, i shall visit. From town to town, village to village, we hope to take this Sankirtan party to the hiphop community, by the good mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga. I shall communicate more a bit later. Haribol!
  • Hi!
    Nova Gokula is in São Paulo state 2 hours from São Paulo city.
  • Hare Krishna....! I always like making Krishna Concious friends. Because a KC friend is one who will always remind you of Krishna all the time. Thank you
  • Hare Krishna! Take Care.
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