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  • wish u a happy diwali
  • Thank you for blessings,my days is not very fine ,my GURU IS in hospital ,I no want loos my GURU,I know He is really strong,last nigt I had a dreem ,IwasNEAR my Teacher,He told me that not yet a time go away,Becouse KRISHNA has a plan for some work ,I pray for Jayapataka Swami everyday and I hope will be ok.Hare Krishna ...
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • how ru
  • hi...happy diwali,,,.
  • ok, then 2morrow 3.15., i ll tried hard to be at that time. anther thing, i wnt 2 know how u come in contact with isckon..
  • N anther thng to ask, if i click at chat, it wud work automatically
  • when are you free to chat?I am free around 3.15 am everyday, hope its nt ur sleeping time.
  • come online...
  • it was not the cause..i was so sad..tat couldnt chat wif u ..i m sorry mum asked 4 help so i had to go..i m reali very sorry,,hit me back as soon as possible
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