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  • hari bol
  • Hai Krsna Sakti Devi dasi, how are you ? I am SUNIL from HOLLAND and would like to be a good friend of you. Thank you. SUNILfromHOLLAND@Yahoo.Com
  • hare krishna ...
  • Hare Radharani.
    Indian Vedic contribution is a reservoir of Vibrant Information and Harmonious Creativity. May the Womb of Nature Embrace all with Tranquil Blessings from this day forward. Let this attract one's attention affecting them Positively. It is a Sanctuary of the Self , a Creative Venue which serves as an Enduring Expression of Lightness, where a peaceful Atmosphere with Sunlight Flows and serene atmosphere prevail.

    In the storm of life we struggle through myriads of stimuli of pressure, stress, and muti-problems that seek for a solution and answer. We are so suppressed by the routine of this every life style that most of us seem helpless. However, if we look closely to ancient techniques we shall discover the magnificent way to understand and realize the ones around us and mostly ourselves. If only we could stop for a moment and allow this to happen. May all beings be happy (Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu)
  • Hare Krishna
    Have a nice Krishna Conscious Day !!
  • hey nice to see you after long time hope you still remmember
  • Hori bol nice to meet with you here.
  • hare krishna mataji
  • Hare Krishna ! Mataji,
    How are you? When will you next visit to Bangladesh? Bangladeshi people like me enjoy your programs very much. What about Joy Pataka Guru Maharaj? Bye.............Haribol!
  • thanks for the add. How r u dear?

    Greetings from Turkey

    Hare Krishna
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