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  • hare krishna
    donot have any idea mataji about that pic.
    one folder was their name mayapur so may be it can be of mayapur goshala.
    hare krishna
  • Krishna.gif

    all the pics of ur r so nice wow...................
  • HI Jayasri,
    Hare Krishna, I am new to Krishna, I do also belong to the ISKCON in Los Angeles.
    how do you get a name ,I do not have a name as yet either, I also thought it came from the guro/ spiritual Master thank you so much for your friend request.
    Hare Krishna
  • Jaya Jayaasri,
    in your message to me you said something about getting a new name? i don't understand. I thought only a guru/spiritual master can do that
  • Jaya Jayaasri,
    Thank you for you kind words.
    I am new to Krishna,and no I do not have a name as yet.I'm sure it takes along
    time for someone like myself to find a guru/spiritual master to give me a new name.I do belong to the ISKCON in Los Angeles,Ca..
  • Jaya Jayaasri
    Thank you for your friend request. I hope to have a good friendship with you. It's my first friend here in this corner. Always keep that Sri Krsna consciousness absorbed in their hobby. And serving your wisher. I await news. Hare Bol!
  • hare krishna jaya sree. picures r very beautiful .u r a good devotee of krishna. go on with mala japa. the more u chatting the more u will get benifict and become a good soul. Hare Krishna .... Hari bol
  • Yes
    "Happy Birthday to Dau ji"

    Hare krishan haysri radhe rani ji
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