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  • Volunteer
    hare krsna
    thank you for adding me as your friend.
  • i would like to have the adress of krsna conscius school in india age 9 and 10
    where they can learn school and also be more krsna conscious thank you hare krsna
  • Hare krishna
    thanks for receving my humble prayer.
  • Priyavrata das: Dear Prabhus,

    I need to know if there are devotees in or nearby Haiti that are able to do prasadam distribution for survivors of the recent earthquake. Food for Life Global would like to financially support these efforts and our many donors are now asking us to do that. If you know of any prasadam distribution going on currently in Haiti, please contact our office. Or if you are reading this and know of competent people that can conduct prasadam distribution in Haiti, please contact our office with names, numbers of those people as well as the contact details of an official ISKCON GBC representative that can help to oversee a donation from Food for Life Global.

    This matter is urgent.

    Your servant in prasadam distribution!

    Priyavrata das
    International Director
    Food for Life
    Skype: fflglobal
    Skype Ph: 917 675 3108
    Office: 1-(888)-816-6977
    Mobile: 571 277 2329
    Fax Number: 208 906 8689
    Download our latest flyer and post at your favorite cafe
    HAPPY NEW YEAR,........,
  • Hare Krishna,
    Wish u a Happy and Prosperous New Year
  • Happy new year........hare krishna
  • Hare Krishna,

  • Hare Krishna,

  • hariboll.. dandavts pranamm..
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