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  • Pamho/Agtsp.
    Hare Krishna
    I am a very low class loafer.Always drifting away due to maya with many anarthas.I am living in a place,where all activities are prohibited.
    I am craving for a strict shiksha guru to beat me severely and correct on a regular basis by mail or by any other means.
    I beg the devotees for guidance. me to come from the pit.
    Humble servant
  • HARI BOL, prabhu, everyday i used to listen Kirtan which you have send, but, today i didn't find Kirtans in the same blog, only slides are there. Even last night i enjoyed listening the series of Kirtan. Prabhu, could you please work out the prblem permanently? HARI BOL.
  • hello gajanand

    kya aapko talash hai bhagwan krishan ki agar hai to humse milo hum aapko bhagwan krishan se jaroor milvayenge

    vipin from delhi
  • Haribol
    how are you
    Not be seen online in Gmail now a days
    Hope You remember me
  • hello gajanand ji

    how r u aap devotee ho ache baat hai sabhi devotee hai vaise to bhagwan se koye na to bach paya hai or na koye bach payega.

    we love god
  • oh thank you for that crazy dancers videos.. there are really anant koti vaishnavas and anant koti ways to serve krishna... jai jai... prabhupada ki.. jai...
    urs truly,
  • pt.gifpt2.gif
  • Thanks!
  • prabhu i have uploaded two video of damodar month home outreach program, kindly share with all devotees
  • Hare Krishna!

    OK, I will not trigger Guru Issue henceforth.
This reply was deleted.