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  • hi
  • wow you have wonderful photographs ya.
    i will join your group.
  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji ! Thank you for your invitation.
    Mahvir Das
  • Haribol,
    Thank you for the invite, I have regiestered as suggested.
    Hare Krishna
  • Dear brother,

    Bhakti is etenal.

    We are all at the feet of Lord Krishna. Nice to be with you.

    With love and regards.

  • I hope you will do a lot for the ISKCON group by utilising your resources as a IT company owner. This will increase your seva to god and god will shower grace over you . Today Internet is also in dangerous situation, Create some good and more sites like this site where we can discuss about god for atleast some time.
  • Jai Radharani Maa!!
  • Haribol Prabs... Just wondering if its possible to change the bankground image for this network... It makes reading kinda difficult at times....
    Thank you for this network... Its fantastic :)

  • Thnx
  • hey gaju, just wanted to say HARE KRISHNA
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