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  • Hare Krishna!

    I wish you all the best in Krishna Consciousness
    and I wish you a very happy birthday.
    May Lord Krishna always bless and protect you
    and fill your life with peace, love, harmony and wisdom.
    Take care, bye.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krsna,

    Please accept our humble obeisances

    We would like to invite you to join our vaishnava group


  • Volunteer
    Hare Krsna!!
    Wish you a very happy KC b'day, May lord Sri Krsna & Smt. Radha Rani blessed you always. & I wish you never take birth again in this material world.
    Hari Bol
    I loved that picture in your profile!! It reminded me of the qualities of Krsna.

  • Jai Gopal...Jai Nandlal...Jai Yashodanandan...Jai Devakinandan...Jai Krishna madan mohana
  • Radhey Radhey.........
    by the Grace of Radha Rani
    m f99
    hwz u??
    my sweet bro
    Jai Jai Shree Radheyyyy............
  • Hare Krishna my sweet brother
    By Radha ji's grace Iam good...How about you?
  • hare krishna i m fine ... thanks for profile coment
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