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  • Hare Krishna
    Thank you for adding me as your friend.
  • Hare Krishna
    I am very glad to be your friend. Pls pray for me so that I can also do some service to Krsna.
  • Hare Krishna! dear
  • Hare krsna mata ji,
    thank you for adding me,
    may krishna bless you always.
  • Hare krishna
  • "In Vedic literature Krsna is the central point of attraction, and His
    service is our activity. To attain the platform of love of Krsna is
    life's ultimate goal. Therefore Krsna, Krsna's service, and love of
    Krsna are the three great riches of life."

    hare krishna,...

  • Haribol Anuradha, Thank you for the add. May Krishna showers his blessing to your goodness. Hare Krishna
  • wonderful anu :) great to hear about you!
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