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  • hare krsna how r u .....??
  • anjali u r on a platform where u only get ananda.........................
    hari bol
    hare krsna
    may krsna's grace make ur spiritual upliftment
  • Please give your Mum, Pita, and Bro my obeisances. Also please tell them thank you from me for making my stay there so nice. Thank your Mum for all the nice prasad she made for me when I was there. please also tell them Hare Krishna from me.

  • Hare Krishna and Pranams Anjali Ji

    Thank you for the Krishna Comment. Hope you and your family are all happy in Sri Sri Radha Krishnas sercice. Keep chanting!
    With Love, Your servant, Jayasri Radha
  • hare
  • ...radhe krishna..
  • hare krsna.........
  • Hare Krishna
    How are you Mataji. Hope you are fine with the grace of the Lord!
    HariBol!! =)
  • Hare Krishna !

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