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    Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
    May you be blessed with the shelter of the God of Gods,
    the Absolute Truth and the Primeval cause of all the causes
    of the creation, sustenance and destruction of the manifested
    universes, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna,
    Who is the Original seed of all existences, the Intelligence  of
    the intelligent,  the Prowess  of all powerful people, the Strength
    of  the strong devoid of  passion and ignorance.  In Krishna
    consciousness, hearing and chanting are emphasized very much.
    You have heard a lot about chanting. So why is hearing from
    authority stressed so much ? Through hearing, you begin bhakti.
    From being in  bondage, you become a seeker. Through hearing,
    you carry out your spiritual practices. Through hearing, the nine
    processes of bhakti are understood. Through hearing, bad habits
    and bad manners are changed. Through hearing, you rid yourself
    of bad company.  Through hearing, your thinking becomes clear.
    As you have to eat again and again in your daily life, so also you
    engage in hearing again and again. Through hearing, your intellect
    becomes firm. Through hearing, you will begin to reflect on your
    life, and you will attain inner contentment. Through hearing,
    detachment arises within you. Through hearing, attachment to
    sensual  pleasures are cut.  Through hearing,  pride is broken. 
    Through hearing, the sense of  "I" and  "mine" is broken. Through
    hearing,  your  doubts  are  cleared. Through  hearing,  your
    misunderstanding is dispelled. Through hearing, one gains conviction.
    Through hearing, your mind becomes controlled. Through hearing,
    you  become  aware  that  you are  more  than  this  material body.
    Through hearing, your understanding increases. Through hearing,
    your intelligence becomes developed. Through hearing, you become
    strong to turn away from worldly entanglements. Through hearing,
    your fascination with material objects are no more. Through hearing,
    you become strong in knowledge. Through hearing, you will be free
    from the miseries of material existence. Through hearing, there will
    arise in you a weariness with material pursuits. Though hearing,
    you become inspired and you become committed to regular spiritual
    practises. Through hearing, you attain peace. With love and best
    wishes, take care, bye.      
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  • Hare Krishna, Adit Pathak prabhu.

    Please accept my humblr obeisances. All glorie to Srila Prabhupada. All glorie to Guru-deva.

    Thank you very much for accepting me as your friend.

    May you be blessen\d bu your Guru-mahataja.

    Radha Radha.

  • Hare Krishna, Adit Pathak prabhu.

    Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru-deva.

    If you chant the Mahamantra, please listen with a concentrated mind to the Holy Names that you are chanting. I know that it is very difficult. Everytime your mind starts to wander, pull it back to the Holy Names. Exercise in doing that everytime and you will see, that you will succeed.

    When you are chanting Krishna's names, He will appeare before you. He will come like how a guest would come to your house. So, if you not concentrate on your guest , who is now in your house, he will leave. The same with Krishna. If you are not concentrating on Him, who is now in front of you as a guest, he will leave again.

    So, my dear prabhu, by pulling the mind always at the Lotusfeet of Krishna, you will be able to chant perfect one day.

    Radha Radha.

  • Hare Krishna,


    There are a few things which have helped me in my chanting. I had heard them in a lecture on japa by H.G Radha Gopinath Prabhu in Kolhapur:

    1. Just one mantra....... this helps in concenterating on the mantra we are chanting... dont even think this mantra or the previous one etc.... one mantra

    2. giving our mind instruction before we begin chanting... that now I have to concenterate on my rounds listening to the holy name .... no other thoughts

    3.just hearing as we chant... with clear pronunciation


    I keep reminding myself of these few insturction.... Though my mind too keeps wandering... these instructions help me.


    Rasaparayani dd

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