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  • hare krishna  god bless u

  • Volunteer
    Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
    May you be blessed with full surrender at the Lotus
    Feet of the Lord of Lords; the Lord of all the mystics,
    the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, 
    Whose Lotus Feet are worthy to take shelter because
    they shower benedictions on the insignificant. To give
    all living entities detachment from fruitive activity by
    realizing Him, He has expanded these material worlds
    by His own energy. Persons who have given up 
    stereotyped worldly affairs and the beastly followers
    of these affairs, and who have taken shelter of the
    umbrella of His Lotus Feet by drinking the intoxicating
    nectar of His qualities and activities in discussions with
    one another, can be freed from the primary necessities
    of the material body. With love and best wishes, take
    care, bye.
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