To preserve the ancient Vedic heritage and culture

Click here to visit a good website to increase your knowledge…http://www.vedascience.comAIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE FOUNDATION1. To preserve the ancient Vedic heritage and culture of India by way of systematically and scientifically editing, publishing and computerizing the entire gamut of the extant Vedic and Allied literature.2. To unravel the mysteries of the Vedas and the Allied literature.3. To promote and promulgate the rational and scientific outlook of Vedic seers and scholiasts of ancient India.4. To conduct research into various aspects of Vedic learning such as Yoga, Yajna, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Weather modification like Rainmaking, anti-rain, etc. and other Natural and Bio-sciences and to seek their relevance to the modern living.5. To establish Maharaja Ajmeedh Ayurvedic hospitals, yoga, panchkarma and naturopathic centres all over India and abroad. To carry out research in Ayurveda and publish the research work for the benefit of entire humankind. Foundations aim is to provide the side effect free treatment to one and to maintain the peaceful and healthy environment in the world.6. To function as a nodal international agency for information about the current status of Vedic research, Vedic research scholars and Institutions and a liaison agency.7. To be a competent body of scholars who can authoritatively proclaim decisions and evaluate research in the field of Vedic philology, Vedic exegesis and Vedic Sciences.8.To bring together the Vedic/Ayurvedic scholars who evinced a great deal of interest for promotion of Vedic studies on scientific lines and Modern scientists or scholars interested into Vedic scientific vision to co-ordinate for synthesis of modern scientific knowledge with the Vedic one so that it may diffuse following the Vedic vision for upkeep, advancement of humankind and not for ecological crisis, destruction and extinction of mankind.9.To publish reports of the research work/books on Vedic philology, Vedic exegesis, Vedic history and Vedic sciences after a careful scrutiny written by various scholars of the world.ACTIVITIES & ONGOING PROJECTS1. The Foundation is carrying out youth awareness programme regarding health, and Yoga through lectures and organizing debates and declamations contests in various schools located in villages and urban areas of Delhi and Haryana.2. Foundation is planning to open up satellite centers across the world to impart certificate courses, diplomas etc. in Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yajna, Vastu Sastra, Yoga Shastras, Gita, Upanishads, Astronomy, Vedic Calendar, Dietary Techniques season and region wise in collaboration with the local people interested in such ventures.In addition, The Foundation has undertaken the following projects1. Sciences in the Vedas2. Science of Satapatha3. Critical study and English Translation of SamavedarsheyadÏpa4. New Varttikas to Panini.5. Vedic and Classical Sanskrit - A Contrastive Phonological Analysis.6. Scientific translation of Satapatha Brahmana.7. A Dictionary of Veda based on Nirukta and Nighantu.8. Bharata- The World Leader and Guide9. Bibliography of Vedic Rishis10.India's Contribution to the modern world of Mathmatics, Science and Technology

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