An appeal to devotees to help in spreading Absolute Truth

An Appeal to devotees.I am glad to let you know Absolute-truth.Net 2.0 is online. This is a humble offering to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and an initiative made with the support of ISKCON Bangalore Sri Jagannath Mandir.This has been done with the sole purpose of creating an interest in spiritual life for any English knowing visitor especially those with Indian background. I would consider this effort a success if it brings a little faith in Guru, Sadhu and Sastra in such a person. So keeping this in mind the scope of the site is to give sambandha jnana (relationship) rather than bhakti. As that's the prime need for a new enthusiast. There are many websites like catering to bhakti.This website has been receiving lot of response we have more than 10000 visitors so far.To know the exact purpose of the site and how to contribute to it please visit Vision. To my knowledge this is the first time devotees have embarked on their own public wiki of such a broad scope.I would like you to help me in some way in this service. It doesn't require lot of time from you. It just requires a change in thinking. We anyway send emails to other devotees or come across an interesting article with a potential preaching application. We read and delete them. Instead if we can archive it in a suitable platform namely blog, wiki or forums depending on its quality and importance. It will stay there for ever. Imagine if thousands of devotees across the world do the archive such information in such a platform. It can be a tremendous repository of KC related material in one place. It could be a valuable resource for devotees and general public alike. This is how wikipedia was started sometime back and now you can see its richness and freshness beating encyclopedia's like Brittanica.I am in the process of soliciting help form devotees across the world but before that I would like you to help me take it to the that level.If you are willing to help please let me know. You may read the guidelines on how we collaborate and consider signing up .Your Servant,Lakshmi Nrsinghadeva dasa

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